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Artificial Intelligence and frontier technologies for OER

OpeningupSlovenia was presenting an upcoming report on the use of AI and OER, together with UNESCO’s Communication and Information Sector. This years UNESCO Mobile Learning Week 2019 (4-8 March) focused on Artificial Intelligence and sustainable development.

Building certificates and credentails in the blockchain

Together with our partners, Knowledge 4 All Foundation (K4A) and the Jozef Stefan Institute (JSI), 0xcert is building a blockchain-based system for issuing and management of academic credentials, leveraging blockchain qualities of traceability, security, and ease of authentication.

Also, by implementing the NFT (non-fungible token) technology, the uniqueness, metadata, and identity related to a certificate or micro-credential can be securely protected on a ledger while providing all involved parties with a simple, autonomous, and intuitive means of management.

All this is being developed within the MicroHE project which aims to provide the most comprehensive policy analysis yet conducted of the impact of modularisation, unbundling and micro-credentialing in European Higher Education.

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0xcert protocol


AI World Summit, educational services and AI alliances

We attended the AI World Summit in Amsterdam, and two presentations stood out to validate our approach in personalisation in education and the approach of our own alliance in Slovenia.

The presentation matching our AI work in Slovenia was by Squirrel AI, headquartered in Shanghai, Yixue Squirrel AI is the first K12 EdTech company which specializes in intelligent adaptive education in China and is the market leader. Squirrel AI is a machine that regularly outperforms human teachers and redefines education, says founder Derek Haoyang Li.

Another presentaton we watched with great delight was the launch of  the  ALLAI Nederland, the first national alliance on artificial intelligence in Europe, a similar initiave to OpeningupSlovenia.

Roundtable on Artificial Intelligence: Reflection on its complexity and impact on our society

We were invited to the Roundtable on “Artificial Intelligence: Reflection on its complexity and impact on our society”, commemorating 25  years of reflection on bioethics and ethics of science and technology at UNESCO.  The roundtable will be moderated by Prof. Peter-Paul Verbeek, Faculty of Philosophy of Twente University, Netherlands and a member of the World Commission on the Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology of the UNESCO (COMEST).


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